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Friday, 27 August 2010 05:33:21 GMT

How to uninstall software on mac

Removing software in Mac OSX is not hard matched to the procedure in different operating systems. Mac OSX can not maintain applications records in a registry. Whether you are a first time user, or a temporary Mac user, a day will likely emerge when you will demand to uninstall a application or few.

What is the location of programs located in OSX?

Ctrl-Click (or right click) the alias of the application that you desire to uninstall, and hit ”show original”. The program icon should be present in the dock. A window must open informing about the original application’s location. To uninstall the program, you easily drag it to the Trash folder.

Nevertheless, until you do so, it is good to know that there are two basic ] sorts of applications for OS X, as next:

• The [primary | main| first sort is well-known as an program, that goes with supporting information. When you delete that sort of application, you should make sure you delete each its auxiliary files, any of which may consume a significant part of space on the hard disk.

• The some other type is known as an program bundle, and comes packs as a only bundle ( example, Safari) with no any assisting files, shown by a one picture on the dock.

Please note: Do not empty the trash can instantly. Wait until you are certain you don’t need the application.

So, how to uninstall software on mac ON YOUR MAC

This segment describes how to uninstall applications from your Mac computer.

Make certain the Mac computer is on, and close down all programs. Locate your hard drive icon on the desktop, which will say Macintosh HD.

[ Open the on the Applications folder and review all the applications that have been installed on the computer.

Scan the list of available applications and choose those that you want to remove. To delete the particular program:

1. Select it, and press the Ctrl key once; inside the menu that opens, choose the option.

2. Alternatively, locate the file in the folder, select it, and move it to the Trash on the desktop.

Make sure that you have deleted all files related to the application.

• Programm libraries can be bulky, taking up a great deal of data storage capacity. It would be wise to remove those. Examples of programs that require large support libraries are entertainment applications such as Garageband as well as DVD SP. These are stored in the app “support” folder within the owners Library, or alternatively Library-application support.

• Application settings require small part of disk; you can select to store these for further use if you want to. Those settings are stored in the “preferences” folder in the user's Library “Library-Preferences”, or may as well be stored in the system level Library hosted at the root of the main drive.

To delete application support files:

1. Select Ctrl + F and apply proper keywords to look for the title of the application.

2. Identify every piece of date inside the designated folder, and remove.

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